Body In The Basement

The Case:

While on a dig, “The Lost Towns of Anne Arundel County” Project unearthed a rather surprising discovery.

Since 1991, this group of anthropologists has been studying a 17th-century settlement in Maryland that became the modern capital of Annapolis.

While excavating a dwelling, the team uncovered a grizzly mystery: a skeleton in the basement!

Was this an executed POW from an English Civil War battle deposited in the cellar of the house?

Or maybe the body of a young man, murdered for his inheritance?

With the expertise of the Lost Towns Team and a Smithsonian forensic anthropologist, the History Detectives set out to determine the identity of the skeleton and find out why it was buried in the basement.

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Season 2, Episode 12

Gwen Wright Location:
Annapolis, Maryland

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