Bootlegger's Notebook

The Case:

Kevin O’Connell fondly recalls spending time as a kid with his wealthy Great Uncle Mike in his grand New York City apartment. Sifting through a box of his Uncle Mike’s books Kevin came across a small, leather-bound journal. When he opened the book, Kevin was startled to find hand-written instructions for making large quantities of popular liquors such as gin, whisky, and rum. 

No one in the family has seen this notebook.  Why would Uncle Mike, who had a successful paving business, have a book like this? Kevin now wonders if maybe his uncle earned his money as a Prohibition era bootlegger. Kevin asks History Detectives host Elyse Luray to find the facts behind this mysterious journal. 

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Season 10, Episode 6

Elyse Luray Location:
New York City, New York

More Information

New York Distilling Company
405 Leonard Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222


Raines Law Room
48 West 17th Street
New York City, NY

Bootlegger's Recipes

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