Civil War Submarine

The Case:

In Louisiana's bustling French Quarter sits a surprising remnant of American warfare - a Civil War-era submarine.

1861: The first shots of the Civil War have just been fired. But the battle between North and South isn’t confined to the land. Control of the sea and rivers is also crucial. To break Union blockades and keep their economy afloat, the Confederates turn to a new tactic, to a vessel that could surprise enemy ships. 

Salvaged from the depths of a New Orleans lake, the origin of this vessel remains a murky mystery. Now a New Orleans man wants to know if his great-grandfather helped build the iron-clad wonder.

Can the History Detectives get to the bottom of this mystery and bring the early history of America's secretive
underwater warfare to the surface?

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Season 2, Episode 1

Elyse Luray Location:
New Orleans, Louisiana

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