Clara Barton Letter

The Case:

Tucked into the pages of an antique book, our contributor from Osceola, Indiana found what he thinks may be a letter written by Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross.

Dated July 1866, the letter reports the death of a man named Israel Brown. Along with the letter, our contributor found an envelope addressed to J. Blair Welch, Burnt Cabins, Pennsylvania.

Did Clara Barton actually write this letter? If so, why was she writing about these men?

History Detectives consults a Clara Barton biographer, a civil war prison historian, and a Pennsylvania genealogist.

Document: Missing Men
View one of Clara Barton's Missing Men Roll Call fromThe Daily Evening Bulletin, Pennsylvania, June 1866

Note: In the Clara Barton Letter story that was broadcast we mistakenly showed a map of Osceola, Illinios instead of Osceola, Indiana. We are working to correct the error in later airings. 

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