Hindenburg Artifact

The Case:

A Hoboken, New Jersey man has a palm-sized, army-green metal box that looks like an instrument panel.

Beneath a shattered plastic covering is a sliding, numbered scale. Knobs on each end move a lever across the scale and German writing indicates the country of origin.

Might this instrument have been recovered from the crash site of the Hindenburg in Lakehurst, New Jersey?

Family lore states a distant relative was among the many bystanders plucking souvenirs from the wreckage of the terrifying disaster. Chemicals from the fire or balloon envelope gas would have evaporated 10 minutes after the explosion, but the broken plastic can be tested for age and heat distress with forensic analysis of the instrument.

History Detectives determines if this device was indeed snatched from the burning wreckage of the Hindenburg.

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Season 6, Episode 5
Season 7, Episode 7

Elyse Luray Location:
Atlanta and New Jersey

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