Tumbling Tumbleweeds

The Case:

Musician Gene Newberry grew up idolizing singing cowboys, which may be why he cherishes a plaque with the sheet music and 45 recording of the Sons of the Pioneers’ iconic song, Tumbling Tumbleweeds. 

Original band member, Bob Nolan signed the sheet music “To Fred – This was the second song I wrote – 1932.  It has been both good and bad to me. Bob Nolan.” Gene guesses the ‘good’ is that Tumbling Tumbleweeds may be the most famous cowboy song ever.  What ‘bad’ did this song bring to Bob Nolan? And who is Fred? 

History Detectives host Eduardo Pagán teams up with host Elyse Luray to solve this mystery.

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Season 10, Episode 8

Elyse Luray Detective:
Eduardo Pagán Location:
Denver, Colorado and Newhall, California


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