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About History Detectives
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Submit Your MYSTERY

Let the History Detectives solve your mystery!  

Please tell us about an object that you think may have played a staring role, or was just along for the ride, among American history’s newsworthy people, places or events: blackouts or boycotts, inaugurations or integration, pop art or pop culture, Hollywood or the Hindenburg, Joe Frasier or Joe DiMaggio, the Golden Spike or the Golden Gate, and so on!

What kind of object can you submit? ANYTHING you can take a picture of: dentures, recipes, clothing, cameras, machinery, quilts, blueprints, baseballs, headdresses, religious artifacts, skeletons, furniture, timepieces, stamps, recordings … you name it!

Here are some investigated objects from past shows that YOU have contributed: Goering's Gun, Lewis & Clark's Cane, an Anti-Slavery Flag, Jean Lafitte's Spyglass and a Revolutionary War Prison Letter.

Please include the key facts you already know, and what you hope to learn from our investigation. The information you provide will be used for production research purposes only. We will contact you if we are interested in learning more about your story. For more information go to the PBS Terms of Use.

Watch our Submit Your Story video.