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The Meaning of Food


“Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are,” wrote renowned gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin in 1825. Explore how food shapes us and our culture.

Sliced Bread

 Keeping KOSHER

Two loaves of bread: one is kosher, one isn’t. What’s the difference? Why does it matter? » more


Ever wonder how to identify kosher foods? Explore a selection of the symbols that appear on packaged foods. » more


Savor a selection of food-inspired writings, from Robert Burns through Toni Morrison. » more

 Kitchen GADGETS

Discover the far-flung origins of common and not-so-common culinary tools. » more

 Gonna Eat THAT?

What’s “weird” or “gross” to you is probably “yum” to someone else. C’mon, try a taste. » more

 Breaking BREAD

Sharing food has been a way for people of all cultures to sustain and create a mindful or emotional bond with others. » more