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The Meaning of Food


There is no closer relationship than kin, and food plays a large part in defining family roles, rules, and traditions.

Shrimp in Chopsticks

 The Family Business (AN EPILOGUE)

How has life changed for the Chou family since closing the restaurant they ran for twenty years? » more

 Chop SUEY

Photographer Rick Wong documents a dying breed: the chop suey restaurant. Take a tour. » more

 Heirloom FOODS

Family treasures come in many forms, and sometimes they’re grown in grandma’s backyard. » more


Enjoy the works of art that some Japanese-American moms make for their preschoolers’ lunch. » more

 Bring in the NEW

Take our quiz to see how many food-centered ceremonies you know for welcoming new babies. » more


Does your dog eat fancier food than you do? Explore why we want our pets to have it all. » more