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The Meaning of Food

Food & LIFE

Beyond merely nourishing the body, what we eat and with whom we eat can inspire and strengthen the bonds between individuals, communities, and even countries.

Spinach, Red Pepper, and Purple Onion


See why renowned chef and author Alice Waters hopes to put the midday meal at the center of school curriculum. » more

 Near EATS

Discover how two restaurants on opposite ends of the U.S. take the local route to fast food. » more

 Take It SLOW

What is the Slow Food movement, and how is it changing the way we eat? » more

 Food for THOUGHT

Test your knowledge of food and how it relates to our identity and history. » more

 Comfort FOODS

Acclaimed chefs and food writers share the recipes and memories that bring them solace. » more

 Recipes for LIFE

Want to make a “Meaning of Food” meal in your home? Use recipes from the show! » more