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The Meaning of Food




Discover resources from the stories behind The Meaning of Food.

 Edible Schoolyard

Provides urban public school students with a one-acre organic garden and a kitchen classroom. Using food systems as a unifying concept, students learn how to grow, harvest, and prepare nutritious seasonal produce... » more

 Slow Food

An international organization whose aim is to protect the pleasures of the table from the homogenization of modern fast food and life. Through a variety of initiatives, it promotes gastronomic culture, develops taste education, conserves agricultural biodiversity, and protects traditional foods at risk of distinction. » more

 Heirloom Plants

Find out how you can grow interesting and tasty fruits and vegetables and help support genetic diversity... » more


Follow Cat Connor’s Obento Journal and see a strange and wonderful collection of lunches that defy the ordinary... » more

 Eating Kosher

Annotated links to the best information on the Net about Jewish cooking, Jewish recipes, and kashrut (keeping kosher).... » more

 Weird Foods

Nearly every culture invents a food that is weird or disgusting to outsiders. These strange foods from around the world are cultural markers to show who's a member (insiders like it) and who's not a member (outsiders hate it)... » more

 Food and Community

Loaves & Fishes is a nonprofit, nonsectarian organization that provides hot, nutritious meals to seniors 60 years and older. Hot noon meals are delivered by volunteers each weekday to homebound seniors. Contact a local senior and disability services group to find a meal delivery program in your community... » more




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