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Meet the Filmmaker

Tug Yourgrau, executive producer of the documentary, Raising Cain: Boys in Focus, has over twenty years of filmmaking experience. He found this documentary to be critically important to him, as a filmmaker and a dad. Here's why:


Q: Why did you decide to make this documentary, Raising Cain?


A: "I met Michael on a cross country airplane flight in the mid-nineties. We talked for a good six hours about psychology. Then, a couple of years later, he came to the middle school where my twins were students, and I saw the magic he inspired in the audience."  


Q: What did you learn about boys and their world today?


A: "It became clear how schools, especially elementary schools, aren't at ease dealing with boys. Boys' need for physical play, and their slower cognitive development as compared to girls, can get treated as symptoms of a learning disability rather than a different learning style."  


Q: What did you learn about yourself?


A: "I have a better understanding of the need for rough physical activity of my two brothers and myself. We were always knocking things over when we wrestled.

Now I know we were just like many other boys. Also, I was kind of an outsider in high school, because I was an intellectual not comfortable with sports and competition. This show helps me understand why other boys didn't  give me the respect I craved for my achievements."


Q: What did you learn about parenting your boys?


A: "I learned by listening to Michael about using sports as a way to communicate with my 18-year-old son — we throw a ball or shoot hoops when I want to have a good talk. And I also learned to expect that my son does have feelings he will articulate if you give him a chance. And we put him into situations, like a community Christmas dinner for seniors, where his empathy and caring will come into play. And he delivers."  


Q: What do you hope your audience will take away?


"Most importantly, an awareness that boys do have an inner life, an emotional life, and that they do feel things, and we need to let them know that we respect that and encourage them to talk about their feelings. And we must let them know we expect boys, as well as girls, to be aware of their feelings, and we must take responsibility to teach them a vocabulary to discuss the full range of their feelings."

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When to Watch

Raising Cain premiered on January 12, 2006.
Check your local listings for re-broadcasts.