PBS Parents Disappearing rust science activity

The Disappearing Rust Science Activity

My wife recently stumbled upon an exciting family heirloom, an ancient metal cup that was engraved with what appeared to be her father’s name and birth date. The problem was that this silver treasure was nastily tarnished inside and out. The engraving couldn’t be read and you’d not dare drink anything out of this cup. […]


Let’s Shake On It — Teaching Kids The Perfect Handshake

When it comes to raising bright, curious and well-rounded children, we know that math, science, history and literacy skills are essential. There is, however, another skill all children must learn before they’ll likely get the chance to show off their times tables prowess, periodic table knowledge, historical wisdom and words per minute reading ability: a […]

Build on playing with blocks with some block patterns

Pattern Play With Blocks

Matching up blocks to their shape and color is a fantastic activity for older toddlers. Add pattern play to change it up and add difficulty for preschoolers.

Hail to the Chief

Hail to the Chief

Read about the history of voting, presidential trivia, or a duck who thinks he should be in charge, in this list of recommended books for kids ages 0-9.

PBS Parents Adventures in Learning Book Boardgame Activity 2

How To Turn A Favorite Book Into A Board Game

I think we can all agree that great books are great and that a great board game is nearly as great as a great book. This crafty (and pretty great) activity will have you and your kids turning a favorite book into a brand new board game with a whole lot of artistic family fun. […]

grocery store bingo featured image

Grocery Store Math Bingo

This printable game will help kids practice their math in the real world and, fingers crossed, keep them entertained while you shop!

PBS-i spy sensory bin-20160220-10

I Spy Counting Sensory Bin

“I Spy” never gets old! And using it adds counting (and even addition) to a simple cereal sensory bin for preschooler to practice counting.