Hello! I’m Jamie, a mom of three boys (Henry, 5, George, 3 and Louis, 10 months), a blogger, cake decorator, and even a baker’s wife.

Some girls dream of being a mom their entire lives and staying at home with their kids. I was not this girl. In fact, in my senior year book, my math teacher kindly wrote that she hoped I’d reconsider having kids someday. I did reconsider. When I started dating my husband everything changed. I realized that kids would definitely be a part of my life, and now I have three boys and absolutely love it! I have even decided to stay at home with them where I get to (yes, I really get to!) play and teach them, as well as learn a lot myself.

Along the way, I’ve learned a lot about doing hands on activities with my kids. I made it a New Year’s resolution for 2011 to start doing these hands on activities and I started writing online as a way to document it and hold me accountable.

We do activities that are easy and quick to prepare, fun for the kids, and I sneak in learning opportunities whenever possible. I’m excited to share some of our learning activities with PBS Parents here on Adventures in Learning!

Find the Letter on the AppleAs a part of learning letters with my almost three-year-old, George, we are in a stage of reinforcing the letters he already knows and have them on repeat.

Our apple tree has been dropping apples left and right lately — apparently they’re ready to be picked! The boys have been checking them out and really getting into apples. So I made my toddler an apple letter game to find the letter A.

What You’ll Need

  • red scrapbook paper or cardstock paper
  • piece of green and brown paper
  • paper clips
  • marker
  • scissors

How to Prepare

Clip the letter A on the Apple

    1. Cut an apple out of a piece of red scrapbook paper. I then taped a brown paper stem and green leaf to it to get the full effect. It was worth the small effort, since George told me later that it was a stem and asked what the leaf was — we had a little apple anatomy lesson too!
    2. I used a marker and wrote uppercase letters all around the edge of the apple. Several As, and other letters randomly mixed in.
    3. I also wrote “Aa Apple” in the center of it, just so he would see the letter he was supposed to find as see a word associated with the letter.
    4. I grabbed as many paper clips as I had A’s on the apple.

Time to Find the Letter

Using a paper clip is really hard for the first time. I took some time showing George how to clip it onto the paper.

Then I asked him to find the letter A all around the apple and clip on the paper clips where he found them.

Fine motor practice with paper clips while learning letters

When he found the letter A, he showed me (very excitedly) and then tried very hard to get the paper clip on it. It was a great way to sneak in fine motor skills while learning letters.

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About Jamie Reimer

Jamie Reimer

Jamie learned to be a hands on mom by creating activities, crafts and art projects for her three boys to do and shares them on hands on : as we grow. Jamie takes the creative outlet as a way to get through the early years of parenting with a smile!

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