thank you cards in different languages

Across the world, the simple gesture of saying, “thank you” goes a long, long way. Here is a cool art project that teaches kids not only how to say thank you in different languages, but gives them a lesson in different cultures and customs.

You can start this project with a little research. Ask your child to choose three or four different languages or countries they’d like to learn about. Then do a search to see how to say thank you in each. You can make the research part of this as in depth as you like depending on your child’s age and level of interest.

What You’ll Need

  • watercolor paper
  • scissors or craft knife
  • ruler
  • watercolors + brush
  • white crayon
  • marker

How to Make

  • Step 1: Cut paper into 4 inch strips.
  • Step 2: Fold in half. Press along edge.
  • Step 3: Write thank you in one of the selected languages in white crayon on the front of the card. If you think your child will need to see the letters for planning and placement of letters, use any color crayon. I would recommend using a light color.
  • Step 4: Paint! The word should appear like magic.
  • Step 5: Let the card dry. You can outline your child’s writing for greater contrast.
  • Step 6: Have your child write the language and translation on the back of the card.

I can see all sorts of uses for these handcrafted cards. They’d make great thank you notes for teachers, friends and family. Bundle up several to make great gifts.

No matter how you say it, thank you is a welcomed phrase in any language.

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