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  • Kirsten

    This might be a really great way to facilitate discussion or topics that an elementary boy might be reluctant to talk about otherwise. Through the game of ‘acting’ out he might show us what was in his head…. (one lives in hope. ;) )

    • Jennifer Cooper

      It’s worth a shot!

  • Zahara Zucha

    I played Feelings Charades with my dad. My dad is sixty-eight years old. My mouse/elephant cut-out is three days old. Someday my mouse/elephant cut-out will learn astronomy. I am teaching my animal cut-outs astronomy. I am also teaching them Chinese. I am teaching my animal cut-outs how to read in English and in Spanish. My coyote/Dalmatian cut-out is three days old. I watch “Barney and Friends” with my animal cut-outs. My wolf cut-out likes “Barney and Friends”. My zebra cut-out also likes “Barney and Friends”. My dad went to India in October 2007. I was twenty when he went to India. My older sister went to Honduras in June 2010.

  • miaortiz

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  • miaortiz

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