Amazing Letter Maze

Learning letters doesn’t have to be done with flash cards or worksheets. For preschoolers, I like to incorporate learning into our everyday fun activities. I sneak in learning with the mazes I make for the kids.

This particular maze, I had my son connect the letter Bs through the maze from start to finish.

How to Prepare:

Create the Maze of Letter

Tape a maze on your floor. I recommend using a painter’s tape that’s made for delicate surfaces for easy removal.

The tape is the path through the maze (not the lines around the path).

Taping the maze doesn’t have to be complicated. First, tape the route through the maze and then add dead ends throughout.

Write the letters of the alphabet on all the turns and intersections. Start with the correct route through the maze and write the letter of the alphabet you’re working on. (I did the letter B).

Fill in the rest of the intersections and turns with random letters of the alphabet.

Time to Connect the Letters:

Have your child grab something to drive through the maze, or they could walk through it too! Whatever gets them the most interested.

My boy goes for anything when it involves driving a vehicle, so I had him grab a car of his choice.

I set him at the beginning of the maze and told him how to get through the maze, by following all the letter Bs, and showed him the letter B at the beginning.

And with that, he was off to connect the letters to find his way through the maze!

My older son is in Kindergarten and he still had fun with this. We added difficulty by having him come up with a word that started with the letter B as he came to each one. Sometimes he couldn’t think of one, so I gave him hints to a word that started with B.

You could mix up the learning with numbers too, or even shapes!

More ways to learn letters:

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