Winter is in full swing where we are, snow is on the ground and the boys love being outside playing in it. Unfortunately, it is also bitterly cold out, so they can’t be spending all that much time outdoors.

This activity for matching snowflakes is a fun way to bring the ‘snow’ inside and also get the kids moving on days that we’re in doors for far too long.

Find and grab the matching snowflakes activity

What you’ll need:

  • coffee filters or paper
  • scissors
  • yarn or string
  • tape

How to prepare:

I used coffee filters to make the snowflakes, since they’re already round, it makes it super easy!

Layer two coffee filters, or papers, together and fold them together. Then cut out basic, large shapes (you can get more intricate for older kids). This will make the matching snowflakes!

Do this for 4-6 pairs of snowflakes, or whatever you think your child is up for matching.

Find the matching snowflakes

Hang the snowflakes, one by one, from a doorway, or on a wall, using the yarn and tape. The tape will ensure that when its grabbed, it will come down and not be ripped. I hung them up just high enough so that my preschooler could reach them on his tippy toes, since he can’t jump very high.

Kids can find and grab the matching snowflakes:

This gets the kids moving and learning at the same time! Great for younger preschoolers, but my kindergartner enjoyed matching the snowflakes as well.

I had my preschooler jump to grab the first snowflake, take a look at it, then look for the matching snowflake from the ones that are left hanging. He’s then jump and grab for the matching snowflake.

Once he had two snowflakes, he’d double check, do they match?

Do the snowflakes match?

If they don’t grab the right matching snowflake, simply have them look at one of them again and see if they can find the correct matching snowflake.

My preschooler messed up on one of his matches, once he looked at the two snowflakes side by side, he realized that they didn’t match and had a good laugh.

He was then eager to find the right snowflake for each one.

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