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    My girls love to write and we believe that helps with there imagination and spelling!

  • Hemi Ngaiterangi

    Hemi rewarded his son with chocolate buttons for doing his homework with the T.V off.
    Then sent him to bed.
    Packing his son’s books back in school bag Hemi noticed another uneaten lunch.

    ‘Gotta eat son, it’s your petrol.’ Hemi keeps saying. ‘If you don’t eat, you’re hungry. If you’re hungry you won’t concentrate and learning will be hard.’

    Hemi knew his son got anxious eating around others. Eating issues are becoming an emotion burden for Hemi and his wife.

    Thank you Jennifer for the insight on Social Emotional Learning.
    Hemi will delve into and apply the 5 level strategy, hoping to tackle the concerns before they escalate.

  • asdf

    Reading some of these suggestions brings me right back to cringing at these types of activities when I was a kid. Awful! Quit psychoanalyzing these kids and let them go play in a mud pit.