When we’re stuck indoors because of the cold and snow, my boys become anxious to get moving and burn off some energy. Any kind of racing activity is perfect!

I set up a quick racetrack using tape on our floor. I had the boys race around it with their trucks, themselves and even by blowing pom poms around the track!

A quick racing activity with straws and pom poms

What you’ll need:

  • painter’s tape
  • a pom pom or cotton ball for each kid
  • a straw for each kid

How to prepare:

  1. Start by taping a large rectangle (or oval) as big as your space allows.
  2. Tape another rectangle inside that one, making it small enough to have a good sized track between the two (I left about a foot and a half).
  3. Tape diagonals across the middle section that wasn’t part of the track so there’s no confusion.
  4. Tape a ‘dotted’ start/finish line across the track.
Starting line for Straws and Pom Pom Racing Activity

Race around the track!

Set the kids up at the starting line with their straws and pom poms. Let them practice blowing a few times to get the hang of it.

Blowing pom poms with straws

The rules of our racing activity (that can be broken by younger kids):

  • The first to make it around the track and back to the start/finish line is the winner.
  • If you blow your pom pom outside of the track, you’ll need to start back at the beginning.
  • Optional: We had a baby to dodge. An additional rule was if he grabbed/touched the pom pom, you’ll need to start back at the beginning as well (this added lots of giggles trying to hide the pom pom from him).
Racing activity with straws and pom poms

My young preschooler got many exceptions to the rules. But he really took his time racing around the track. He blew the pom pom only an inch or so at a time.

My kindergartner, on the other hand, was in a rush and blew the pom pom far each time. He often ended up outside the track when he tried to go around the corner.

My preschooler ended up ‘winning’ the race and my kindergartner was very upset. It was very much the tortoise and the hare story.

I ended up racing against my kindergartner then. Let me tell you, this is actually a tough racing activity! (Or maybe I’m just getting too old to be crawling around on my knees for that long…) He ended up beating me fair and square.

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