Counting has came easily to my preschooler, but recognizing the numbers has not. Counting with blocks made it fun for him to learn!

I set up a number line to count blocks to match the number on the line. Having the line helped him count his way through to figure out the number.

Work on number recognition by counting with blocks to get there.

How to setup the number line:

  1. Tape a long, straight line on the floor using painter’s tape.
  2. Tape across the line at equal intervals to create 10 or so spaces.
  3. Write the numbers 1-10 (or whatever number of intervals you made) on sticky notes and stick on one side of the number line. We used the sections in between the lines instead of the line themselves.

How to learn to recognize the numbers by counting the blocks:

Getting to number three wasn’t too tough for him. We started with the number one and he found one block to put in the section across from the number.

Then again with the number two, he found two blocks.

Since he doesn’t recognize the numbers yet, I’d have him start back at the number one on the number line and count the sticky notes down the line to figure out what the number was.

Counting down the number line to figure out how many blocks to use

Then he’d find that number of blocks and count them. I’d ask him again, “how many blocks are there?” while pointing to the sticky note.

Sometimes he was able to just tell me, but other times he’d have to count the blocks again, or count down the number line.

What's the number? Count with blocks to find out!

For younger preschoolers, consider starting with only numbers 1-5 instead of going all the way to 10 (or 12–the length of our number line).

It takes quite a long time to count and recount the blocks and numbers. My preschooler started to get sidetracked by the time we got to number 6. Even though he kept asking to do another one, I could tell he wasn’t completely in it anymore.

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