Pi Day Activities
March 14th or 3.14 is Pi Day. Celebrate this lovable yet irrational number – whether you have a kindergartner or a middle schooler – with these activities:

Prove Pi
Wrap a piece of yarn or string around a cylindrical object and then cut. Now find out how many times the circumference string will go across the diameter: Place the string across the diameter of the object and then cut the string. Repeat until you’ve gone through the string.  Then amaze your child by repeating this process on a much wider or thinner cylinder to get the same answer: pi.

Eat Pi
Pizza Pi
Make apple pie with Bedtime Math or make a pepperoni pizza pi. Pizza picture by Ludie Cochrane.

Pi Chain
Pi Chain
Create a pi paper chain using 10 different colors of construction paper each representing 0 to 9.

Create a Pi Collage
Pi Art by Michael Albert
Cut out numbers from magazines, newspapers, etc. to make a work of art. Pi art by Michael Albert.

Pi for Kindergartners
Pi for Kindergartners
Explore fractions and patterns with age-appropriate Pi Day activities by Pieces by Polly.

Read About Pi
Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi – In this Sir Cumference math adventure, older kids will gain an understanding of pi while trying to solve the riddle that will change Sir Cumference back from a dragon.

Why Pi? – Discover the history of pi and other fascinating facts about numbers.

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