Read ’em and weep… from laughing so hard! We’ve compiled some of our favorite funny pages from harmless joke and prank books to sweet stories and the history of the holiday. Check them out below!

1. One Funny Day
By Kate McMullan

Everyone is pranking Wagner: his teacher, his librarian, and especially his best friend Pearl. But Wagner (and the kids reading along) will have the last laugh!

2. Mud Flat April Fool
By James Stevenson

It’s April Fool’s Day in the city of Mud Flat and everyone is out to best each other. Find inspiration for silly and fun pranks in this giggle-packed story.

3. April Fool, Phyllis!
By Susanna Leonard Hill

Punxsutawney Phyllis isn’t ready for spring just yet. When she predicts another storm, her friends make her the punchline of various jokes and riddles… but not for long! This book is great for talking to kids about weather, riddles, treasure hunting, history and more!

4. The Case of the Perfect Prank
By James Preller

Help crack the case by putting together the pieces of this puzzle with elementary detectives Jigsaw and Mila.

5. April Fool! Watch Out at School!
By Diane deGroat

The perfect trickster tale for kids! Gilbert is a master prankster, but this April Fool’s Day, will all the jokes be on him? Bonus: challenge your little reader to find the hidden tricks in the illustrations!

6. April Foolishness
By Teresa Bateman

Full of rhymes and simple watercolor illustrations, this book is a quick read but a longtime favorite. Kids and parents will smile with anticipation as they find out who plays the best April Fool’s prank of all.

7. April Fool’s Day
By Melissa Schiller

Learn the history of April Fool’s Day and why we celebrate the prank-ridden holiday accompanied by real photographs of children enjoying the day.

8. Arthur’s April Fool
By Marc Brown

Everyone’s favorite aardvark prepares to perform his magic tricks for the April Fool’s Day school assembly while also dealing with a bully.

9. Wacky Wednesday
By Theo LeSieg

A counting book in disguise, readers are instantly captivated by Seuss’ whimsical verses. Try to find all of things out of place on this very wacky Wednesday!

10. Pranklopedia: The Funnies, Grossest, Craziest, Not-Mean Pranks on the Planet
By Julie Winterbottom

Get your fill of harmlessly playful pranks with this collection of cute-not-cruel ideas.

11. Prank Star
By Tim Bugbird

“Fool your Friends and Punk your Pals” is the perfect tagline for this book. And don’t worry—this book comes with a padlock to protect your pranks!

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