symmetry lesson for kids

Why even teach symmetry? When I was teaching preschool I had a parent ask what her daughter was learning when we did a similar activity. Children have a natural sense of symmetry and balance but activities like this develop that further. The reason we want to play with symmetry is that it helps children develop their ability to recognize patterns, to classify and their observation skills. All of these skills are used in subjects like math, reading and art.  Building on children’s natural abilities with activities like these isn’t a waste of time, it’s strengthening their confidence in the learning process in general and well worth the effort.

What You Will Need

symmetry activity for kids
  • paper butterflies
  • plastic gems or stickers
  • small container for the gems

How to Set Up The Activity

  • Start by setting out the butterflies.
  • Add gems to one side of each butterfly. Make sure you have enough gems to complete each design.
  • Complete one butterfly for your child so they have a guide.


symmetry activity for young kids
  • Be there to support their learning but if they don’t ask for help let them be. My daughter naturally began counting the gems. Let the learning happen organically.
  • butterfly symmetry activity for kids
  • Use signal words like “match” when explaining the goal of these puzzles.
  • After they complete the puzzles have them create their own. This was my daughter’s favorite part of the whole activity.
Butterfly symmetry for preschool

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