Simple activities that aide in learning are A+ activities in my book. This is a simple sort by size math activity that all you need is paper to do.

Plus, you can make it difficult or easy depending on the level of learning of your child.

A simple sort by size activity with paper

What you need:

  • Paper scraps in any color
  • Glue (optional)
  • 2 pieces of paper (more are optional)
  • Marker or pen

How to prepare:

  1. Write ‘Big’ and ‘Little’ (or ‘Small’) on the two pieces of paper. Add more than just two pieces of paper for sorting for advanced learning. You could number them, or include Medium, Extra Big, Extra Small, etc.
  2. Rip or cut up the paper scraps in various sizes. This is also where you can adjust the level of difficulty. They can be obvious differences in sizes, very big and very little, or closer in sizes.
  3. You can also include your child in preparing this part of the activity and have them cut pieces too! I usually include my kids in the prep because they are excited for the activity. Often prepping for the activities leads to more fun than the activity itself.
Cut scraps of paper in big and little pieces to sort by size

Sort by size!

Once the paper is in lots of pieces, your child can begin to sort by size.

To get kids going, pick up a piece of paper and ask:

“Hmmm.. what size is this? Is it big? Or is it little?”

Is this piece of paper big? Or little?

My preschooler wanted to make a collage, so we added glue to the mix and glued the pieces.

Keep sorting until the papers are filled up, or your child has had enough. Let it be fun and not something they have to do or finish.

Sort paper by size and make a collage


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