Inch by inch, row by row, learn to make your garden grow! Browse through these seed-filled reads and explore the outdoors through books.

1. From Seed to Plant
By Gail Gibbons

Hard to understand concepts like plant reproduction, seed dispersal, pollen transference, and seed germination are made simple with big, beautiful drawings. A great resource to introduce elementary aged children to the relationship between seeds and plants.

2. How a Seed Grows
By Helene J. Jordan

When you pick up a tiny seed, it’s hard to imagine how big the final product will be! This book helps kids understand the difference between various seeds and how they become trees, fruits and vegetables.

3. Oh Say Can You Seed?: All About Flowering Plants
By Bonnie Worth

The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about plants! With help from Thing 1 and Thing 2, the famous feline teaches kids about flowering plants in traditional Seussian form.

4. A Seed is Sleepy
By Dianna Hutts Aston

With brilliant and bright illustrations combined with fluid and poetic text, this book is an absolute favorite for both teachers and parents when introducing kids to various seed and plant facts.

5. Gardening Lab for Kids
By Renata Fossen Brown

An activity per week, this book is overflowing with wonder-filled experiments and suggestions for hands-on, outdoor experiences. Take your learning to the next level by participating in these activities with your children.

6. Growing Vegetable Soup
By Lois Ehlert

Simplistic language and a bold color palette makes this book perfect for the youngest gardeners-in-training. This story not only shares gardening information for beginners, but also maintains an easy story arc for children.

7. The Vegetables We Eat
By Gail Gibons

Making her second appearance on this list, Gail Gibbons has found a way to make vegetables interesting, beautiful and accessible in her book ‘The Vegetables We Eat.’ Get your kids excited about eating healthy by talking about these different types of vegetables and how they get from the ground to our plates.

8. Flip, Float, Fly: Seeds on the Move
By JoAnn Early Macken

Seed distribution has never looked so peaceful! The delicate and sweet illustrations are paired with language that is fun for kids to read along. Often used in the classroom, this book belongs on your shelves at home, too.

9. The Flower Alphabet Book
By Jerry Pallotta

From amaryllis to zinnia, this book introduces all sorts of flowers to readers, and their parents! Use this book for a nature hike, scavenger hunt, or even to work on letter sounds and pronunciation, as many children will not be familiar with the flower names beforehand.

10. Berries, Nuts, And Seeds
By Diane Burns

This book is perfect for the nature-loving family. Not only does it introduce you to the various berries, nuts and seeds in your neighborhood, but the author also provides safety tips, activities and ideas to get the whole family involved in learning.

11. The Carrot Seed
By Ruth Krauss

A timeless book that teaches children about nature, patience, and believing in yourself. One noticeable addition: the illustrator, Crockett Johnson, presents a young boy who captures your heart, just as he did in ‘Harold and the Purple Crayon.’

12. Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!
By Candace Fleming

Fleming presents this story of gardening via repetitive sound effects, making it simple for children follow along — both in reading aloud and comprehending the storyline. The pictures are cute, although children may want to imagine their own illustrations based on the sounds they hear.

13. If You Hold a Seed
By Elly MacKay

A book reminiscent of The Giving Tree, If You Hold a Seed encourages us to imagine a place where nature and imagination collide. Follow your heart and root for the little protagonist — in the end, you’ll be glad you did.

14. Jack’s Garden
By Henry Cole

‘This is the garden that Jack planted…’ is a verse that will become ingrained in your little one’s memory. With perhaps the best illustrations of the gardening process, this book will inspire even the littlest nature-lovers to build their own garden.

What will you plant this summer? Let us know the answer to this and share your favorite gardening books in the comments below.

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