Making a cut and paste sight words collage is an easy way for kids to practice their sight words or even their spelling words.

My oldest is in kindergarten, he’s been learning a lot of sight words, flying through his lists. I’m so proud of him!

My mom gave us a box of old magazines for us to use in our activities. Perfect for a cut and paste activity, which we ended up using to make a bunch of his sight words.

Snip snip! Time to cut and paste sight words!

Snip! Cut and paste sight words

What you need:

  • old magazines
  • kids scissors
  • school glue
  • sight word or spelling words to practice

How to prepare and do the activity:

You don’t need to really do anything to prepare.

I invited the kids to join me and let them start by cutting the letters themselves. He picked a sight word to find the letter of and search through the magazines to find them to cut out. He then assembled them on a piece of paper and glued into place.

I soon saw how long this was going to take for them to find the letters. His attention didn’t last through only a couple of sight words and he was done.

Later, he came back and asked me to find the letters and cut them out to have ready for him. This worked much better and I think a mix of this would be the perfect solution. For example, I found four of the five letters of a sight word and he searched for the last missing letter in the magazine to cut out himself.

Make a collage - cut and paste sight words to learn

My preschooler did this activity too, only he searched for letters in his name instead of sight words.

Or cut and paste your name instead of sight words

More adventures in learning!

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