Easter is just around the corner—what better time to conduct science experiments using eggs? Before you tackle an eggsperiment, prep your child by learning all about eggs. In this video segment from Between the Lions, kids will learn that eggs come in different colors and shapes and how baby chicks develop inside the egg for 21 days before hatching.

Now it’s time to get crackin’! Here are the best science eggsperiments we found on the web:

Naked Egg
Soak an egg in vinegar for a few days to start a chemical reaction that dissolves the shell. After a day or two, rinse the shell to reveal a transparent egg.  The fun doesn’t stop there. Once you have a naked egg, you can try bouncing it to see what happens. Or you could soak naked eggs in corn syrup and water to learn about osmosis: the process of water moving through a membrane.  Get the full details on Imagination Station or see a different take on the experiment at The Chocolate Muffin Tree.

How Strong Is an Eggshell?
Science Sparks explores how something brittle, like an eggshell, can support a ton of weight. The secret is in the egg’s shape, which resembles a three-dimensional arch or dome.

Walking on Eggs
This jaw-dropping experiment also tests the strength of eggs.

Egg in a Bottle
Discover the power of air pressure with Full Time Kid, Mya, in this classic science experiment.

Make an Egg Float
Amaze your child by just adding salt to water (to make it more dense) to float an egg. Now see what else you can float in the salt water.  Or try adding sugar, soap or oil to water and observe if it has the same results as the salt. Watch Steve Spangler Science or Fantastic Fun and Learning conduct this experiment.

Egg Geodes
Tinkerlab shows you how to create beautiful egg geodes using soluble solids such as salt, Borax, sugar, or alum.

Volcano Eggs
Vinegar, baking soda, and eggshells are all you need for this explosive experiment from Momma’s Fun World.

Egg Drop Challenge
Use everyday household items to protect an egg from cracking from a fall. In Zoom’s version of this challenge, kids can only use tape, straws and Popscicle sticks. Buggy and Buddy used tissue paper and an old box.

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