Disappearing letters and numbers are like magic to kids! All it takes is a squirt bottle!

My kids will do anything with water. Especially with a squirt bottle. It’s an all-time favorite in this house.

Squirt bottles are magical! They make things disappear, which is why my kids love them!

I love to use the squirt bottle as a way to work on something they’re struggling with. For my 3 1/2 year old, right now, that’s letter and number recognition.

Disappearing letters (and numbers) are like magic! Squirt 'em until they all disappear!

What you need:

  • washable markers
  • a plastic tub (a window would work too)
  • squirt bottle
  • water

Chalk on a chalkboard also work for disappearing letters!

How to prepare for letters to disappear:

  • Clean and dry the surface of the tub.
  • Write letters (or numbers, sight words, etc) on the surface of the tub.
Setup for disappearing letters and numbers

Squirt ’em!

I started our activity with letters. My preschooler was super excited to start squirting them to make them disappear. There was only one condition, he had to tell me the letter before he could squirt it.

We quickly realized that in order to squirt the water, the bottle needed to be upright, so a window would work well for this, we just set the tub up on end and it worked great!

Squirt the letters to make them disappear! Magic!

He told me a bunch of letters as he was squirting. Eventually he didn’t know some of the letters and asked me what they were. It turned the activity into me telling him a letter for him to find and then he’d make it disappear. I choose letters at the bottom because often when the letters were squirted, the water would drip down and erase the letters below it too.

After doing several rounds of making letters disappear, he made numbers and then his name disappear.

Disappearing letters and numbers -- fun way to learn letters and numbers!

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