Simple does it! Stickers it is for learning about matching pairs.

A last-minute activity that my preschooler wanted to try was a simple matching pairs activity using stickers.

Its simple to set up, fun for preschoolers learning about what’s the same and what’s different, and it has many varieties to expand on depending on your child’s level! Those are my favorite kinds of activities that can be adapted to any child with whatever they’re learning.

Simply make matching pairs using stickers

What you will need:

  • Stickers with matching pairs
  • Paper
  • Marker, crayon or something to write with

How to make matching pairs:

On a piece of paper, place a column of stickers on the left side. On the right side, vary the order of the stickers that match the left column.

Match up the stickers to make pairs

Then just let your child match the pairs of stickers with their markers.

My preschooler chose to switch the color of marker based on what sticker he was matching.

He tried his best to match it to the color, but that’s not necessary at all, it just adds a lot of colorful fun!

Fine the matching pairs of stickers, simple!

Three ways for more advanced learning:

  • You can match anything kids are learning. Sight words. Math problems to their answers. Categorization [leaves match to other leaves, but not identical]. Babies could match to their mothers. Uppercase letters match to lowercase letters. And so on.
  • Make it bit to make it interesting. Use a big roll of paper. I’ve also done it with sticky notes spread out over the floor for the kids to connect with pieces of yarn.
  • Mix up the page a little. Don’t put them in columns, and instead spread them out all over the paper.

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