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It’s amazing what you can do with a few rubber bands. Gather the rubber bands in the junk drawer or among your office supplies to create and experiment with these activities:

ABC Geoboard
Make letters, shapes or fun designs with cardboard and rubber bands!

Rubber Band Jewelry
Craft a braided rubber band bracelet or belt.

DIY Cardboard Guitar
Create a guitar out of  rubber bands and recyclable items.

Rubber Band Fine Motor Skills Challenge by No Time for Flash Cards
Kids will strengthen their fine motor skills while unwrapping rubber bands from corks in this activity. Add math by predicting how many bands are around the corks.

Rubber Band Splatter Painting by Green Owl Art
Snap paint on to canvas or paper to create a one-of-a kind masterpiece. This can get messy so head outdoors and use washable paints.

Rubber Band Car
Make a fast, two-wheeled car powered by a rubber band.

Indoor Slingshot
Play carnival-style games using this power launcher.

Magic Rollback Can by Steve Spangler Science
The secret to this “magical” can is the transfer of energy.  Learn more at Steve Spangler Science.

Oscillating Woodpecker Toy by Made by Joel
This simple toy masquerades as a lesson in physics. Find the instructions, free printable of the woodpecker, and details on why it works on Made by Joel.

Fun with Rubber Bands
Learn how to make rubber band chains, balls and more with Mya, the Full-Time Kid.

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