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Science is everywhere ,but especially in nature! This easy science activity can be done in your backyard or even at the beach, just remember that if you are doing this in open water that items might be swept away. Only use items that belong in the ocean if you are going to try this as the beach.  This sink or float activity is a classic, and for good reason, it’s simple to set up and it’s wonderful way to start children thinking like scientists.

What You Will Need

    sink & float nature

  • a container for water
  • various bits of nature
  • sidewalk chalk

How to Set Up The Activity

    filling water

  • Start by filling up the container
  • sink or float set up
  • Using sidewalk chalk write sink and float to make areas for predicting as well as the final results.
  • Now find the bits of nature!


  • Let your kids sort the items based on their predictions. Talk to them about why they sorted the items like they did.
  • Time to test out those predictions. Were they all correct? Our “baby” apple ended up floating when we thought it might sink.
  • Sort the items by result and talk about the features that were common in all the items that floated vs all the items that sank.

experimentThis is a fun activity inside as well – when the weather turns in the fall grab blocks, crayons, beads… and more and try it inside!


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