We are fully into summer here and trying to keep the kids busy. Try this fun outdoor activity – matching letters on the sidewalk – to keep your kids active and learning this summer!

This is a quick activity to set up outside on a nice day (in between all the rains that we’ve had).

Matching letters on the sidewalk - quick activity!


What You’ll Need

  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Cement or blacktop surface (driveway or sidewalks)

How to Set Up the Activity

Have older kids, or you, write the letters of the alphabet on the surface. Write two of each letter.

A couple quick tips:

  • For younger kids just learning their alphabet, only do a few letters. Don’t start with the entire alphabet. And do mostly letters they’re already familiar with and sneak in a few new ones, or ones they’re struggling with. But not too many so you don’t frustrate them.
  • For kids that know most of their alphabet, go ahead and do as many letters as you can fit on the surface. I ran out of room on our sidewalk when I got to V. I wrote a few letters at a time (A to G) and then went back and wrote them again in another color of chalk, in a mixed up order, so they weren’t side by side, but also so they’re weren’t the entire length of the sidewalk apart. Then I moved onto letters H to M and did the same until I ran out of room.
match up letters on the sidewalk

Learning and Matching Letters

I asked my preschooler to start with a letter I knew he knew. “Hey George, how about you match up the G’s? Can you find the first G? Where’s the other one?” And from there he knew what to do. Through out the activity, I would ask him what letter he was looking to match.

My oldest is going to be in first grade, so he is beyond learning letters, but this was still fun for him. My preschooler is still getting the hang of letters so this was a challenge and fun for him.

I’ve done this in the past with my oldest matching uppercase letters to lowercase letters to make it a little more difficult for him (at the time). You could also do sight words, shapes or numbers in the same fashion.

Sidewalk chalk matching letters
matching letters sidewalk chalk

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