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Nature is everywhere and this simple nature match activity can be done in your backyard, during a rest stop on a hike, or during a picnic at a local park. Matching up different bits and pieces of nature gets kids moving and slowing down to look at the big and little details of the world around them.  The best part is that it’s free!

What You Will Need

nature bits
  • various bits of nature
  • sidewalk chalk
  • a small patch of sidewalk

How to Set Up The Activity

nature match for kids pbs parents
  • Start by finding leaves, weeds, or other bits of nature. I used bits that could be picked easily without harming the plants and could be easily matched up. Make it a do-able challenge for whatever age group you are doing this with.
  • Using sidewalk chalk write the play prompt and set the bits of nature that need to be matched up.


nature match for kids pbs
  • Let your kids choose what they want to match up first.
  • They can take the bit of nature with them to find that match if they want.
nature match up game for summer

I spread the matches out all over yard to boost the exploration. Once you are done you can take time to learn more about the plants you found.


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