I love summertime! It means lots of outdoor fun and activities for my kids.

My boys could, and usually do, play outside most of the day. This is a fun activity we did outside with rocks we found around the yard.

And as a bonus, we added in some learning too by tracing shapes!

Drawing with rocks and tracing shapes
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Materials for this activity:

  • Found rocks (or leaves, sticks would work too!)
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • A sidewalk or paved driveway

To setup the activity:

First start by drawing shapes on the sidewalk. My boys wanted buildings, so I drew a house (using a square and a triangle), and a tall building (a rectangle and triangle), along with a sun (circle). Kids can also practice their writing skills by doing this themselves.

While you’re drawing, send the kids on a hunt around the area to find lots of rocks! Just remind them that they’ll be returning them to their places when you’re done, so not to go overboard, but to also remember where they’re finding them.

Finding rocks to trace with

Tracing Shapes with Rocks!

Have the kids just place the rocks they found on the lines, all the way around, filling it up, one by one. Simply tracing the shapes with the rocks.

I love this as a prewriting activity, without actually doing any writing with a pen or pencil. It’s about following the line and ‘tracing’ the lines with rocks. My youngest got a kick out of being able to draw a building! Something he wouldn’t do with a pencil yet.

Add a little more learning by asking, or telling, them about the simple shapes they’re tracing. We had a whole scene with the house, building, some water and a beach made with some simple shapes. Let their imaginations go and see what it’ll be!

Tracing shapes with rocks to make buildings

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