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Okay, before we begin today’s Camp PBS Parents project, let me just come right out and say, this is a bit of a wacky idea. A bright, crazy, wild, wacky idea. It’s a lesson in culture. It’s a lesson in art. It’s yarn bombing!

Let’s start with a little background…

About Yarn Bombing

yarn bombed cafe chair

American artist Magda Sayeg, is often credited as the mother of the art movement that combines textile and guerrilla street art. Yarn bombing, while sometimes polarizing, encourages us to think about our public spaces in new ways.

Should our public spaces be cozier? Should they be more colorful? What is the nature of public space? Granted, these lofty questions are easier to ask older kids, but talking about art yields some rather fascinating and often hilarious conversations with even the youngest kids.

To help kick off the conversation, ask them what they think about yarn bombing. Have them describe the colors. What feelings do they have when they see pictures of an entire bus covered in yarn, or a multicolored bike rack.

Yarn Bomb Away

yarn bomb a tree - a study in art and culture

I’m no knitter and I can only crochet the tiniest bit, so I’ve tried to deconstruct this project to make it easy for everyone. This isn’t so much about crafting as it is a lesson in art, culture and self expression.

Since I’m not one to have my kids go completely guerrilla (yes, I’m a conformist at heart) I figured we should start with a few rules:

1. We can do this only in an approved space. The best space of all is on your property. A mailbox post or small tree is perfect.
2. It has to be easy to remove. You don’t want it staying up for too long. Weathered yarn gets yucky.

Once you’ve talked about the history of the yarn bombing movement and laid some ground rules, it’s time to turn the kids loose and let them channel their inner artist.

Take a ball of yarn and wrap it around a post or tree. Add more colors, or a different texture until satisfied. Tie the ends and stand back and admire the work. Cozy!

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