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Summer is almost over and at our house it’s time to brush up on some of those math facts. I am obviously not a huge fan of flash cards( my blog is called No Time For Flash Cards after all) , but sometimes they make sense.  When children are learning math facts I think it should be hands on but once they understand the concepts and just need to work on speed flash cards are fine. This fishing activity is a nice in between.

What You Will Need

  • card stock
  • a marker
  • a magnetic fishing rod ( a pencil, yarn, and magnet will do in a pinch)
  • scissors
  • paper clips or small alligator clips

How To Set Up The Activity

math facts
  • Cut out simple fish – I layer the papers and cut 3 at a time.Add clips where their mouths would be.
  • Write out various math equations that your child is working on. The concepts should not be new, this is review. All the answers should be 3-4 different numbers.
  • Write out the answers on blue card stock and create little ponds for the fish. Your child will match up the fish with the correct answer by putting it in the pond.
math fishing facts

Math Play Time!

math facts 3
  • Have your child put their fishing rod into the school of fish.
  • Read the equation.
  • Pop the fish in the correct pond.
  • Repeat!

This is a super easy game to adapt to all ages. With my second grader I did division and multiplication where as my four-year old got simple addition facts.

How do you have fun while practicing math with your kids? Tell us about it below!


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