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I am usually a last-minute kind of gal but every year I tell myself I will prepare for Halloween better, and every year I am scrambling at the last-minute. One of the things I want to prepare is a treat tally sheet for my kids. I want them to count and keep count of their treats. Not only because I want to sneak in some math but because I also want them to be accountable for what they have eaten. It’s far too easy for them to just grab a bunch and not realize that they have just had 5 treats. This simple Halloween math chart makes them slow down, do some math, and answer me honestly when I ask them how many they have had.

What You Will Need

treat tally for halloween
  • This printable {click on image and save }
  • Pencil with eraser because the numbers will be shifting.
  • A clip board or a spot on the fridge to keep it visible to all!

How To Use The Chart

  • Sort and count the candy before any candy has been eaten. This helps my kids calm down and choose the pieces of candy we allow them to eat on Halloween night.
  • We usually sort through and only keep the candy we really like. I encourage my kids to keep about half and we give the rest to the “Switch Witch” who is a friend of the Tooth Fairy and leaves a small gift in exchange for candy. She normally drops of the excess at my husband’s office. Other options for cutting back on the candy consumption is to check with your local dentists to see if they have a buy back exchange where they will buy your children’s candy from them, you can send it to troops via Operation Gratitude, or check with your local food bank they often accept candy as well.
  • Write down the names of the treats and record how many you have of each type.
  • In the coming days and weeks keep this chart going by recording new numbers as the candy is consumed.
  • Beware that when kids tally their candy like this it’s harder for parents to sneak any… not that we would.

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