One of my favorite ways to craft with toddlers is using contact paper with tissue paper. It’s a no fail craft for toddlers, plus it involves sensory play.

This fun pumpkin craft could be a simple activity using orange tissue paper. Use two different tissue papers and it’s now a learning craft about mixing colors!

Once you’re done, hang the craft on a window. It also looks gorgeous when sunlight is shining through it. Ask your child these questions: What happens when different colors are layered together? And light is shined through it?

The color changes!


Mixing red and yellow to make an orange pumpkin craft for toddlers

What You’ll Need:

  • Clear contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Painter’s tape
  • Red and yellow tissue paper, or crepe paper
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Green paper
Red and yellow tissue paper on contact paper make orange

How to Make Pumpkins:

Start by taping a large piece of contact paper (about the size of a place mat) to a table, sticky side up.

Let your toddler tear up the pieces of tissue paper as much as he wants and stick it onto the sticky contact paper. This is the no fail part of the pumpkin craft, and why toddlers enjoy making it. It doesn’t matter how it looks. They can place as much as they want, wherever they like.

Red and yellow tissue paper on contact paper make orange

I had my toddler flatten out the paper after he filled up the contact paper. He smashed it flat with his hands. I  then covered it with another piece of clear contact paper.

We held it up in the window to see what happened with the red and yellow pieces of paper. Did they change to orange? Where they overlapped, they did!

Red and yellow tissue paper on contact paper make orange

I then cut the contact paper into pumpkins (circles) and put a stem at the top using the green paper. If your toddler doesn’t cover the entire piece of contact paper,  cut smaller pumpkins out of the covered areas.

Pumpkin craft for toddlers to make and learn about mixing colors - red and yellow make orange!

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