history game for kdsThanksgiving is this week! I can’t believe how quickly 2014 has flown by. Many years ago I studied history, in fact I studied it so much that I have a university degree in it. It’s rare that in my life as a teacher and mom that I get to use this degree but putting this printable activity together I had a little flash back to my time studying in the university library and imaging what life was like hundreds and hundreds of years ago. It’s usually save to assume life was hard. The Pilgrims didn’t escape this generalization , life was really hard for them but as parents just telling our kids that won’t get kids interested in history. Instead make history a game! This simple Thanksgiving history game can be played at Thanksgiving dinner or in the afternoon as you cook.

What You Will Need

thanksgiving history game for kids


  • some scissors
  • a┬ájar or bowl
  • Thanksgiving History printable (click on the image above and print)

How to Set it Up

  • Start by cutting along the lines.
  • Put the strips of paper in a jar or bowl.

How to Play

  • Each player takes a turn drawing a strip of paper out of the bowl.
  • Read the paper and every player must decide if the fact is true or false.
  • For each correct answer you get one point. A fun way to keep score is with candy corn. For each correct answer a player gets one candy corn.
  • After all the papers have been read tally up and celebrate.
  • Grab some more paper, pop online for more Thanksgiving facts and write your own fact or fiction!

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Allison McDonald

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