Have you ever done a number line activity with your preschooler? We’ve done similar activities with numbers and counting. But not a number line activity.

I decided to try one with my 4-year-old preschooler. He’s able to count pretty well but he’s still working on recognizing many numbers.

This number line activity works on both counting and number recognition. For a number line activity that is more advanced, we also made this one for finding place values.

Walk the number line activity for preschoolers to help recognize and count numbers

What You’ll Need:

  • painter’s tape
  • paper plates
  • marker or pen
  • deck of cards or index cards with written numbers

How to Set Up Activity:

  1. Tape three number lines on the floor (be sure to test a spot on your floor before committing to a whole line!). Each line will have different number of lines of tape across it. My preschooler worked on recognizing the numbers 4, 5 and 6. I placed four pieces of tape perpendicular to the number 4 line. The number five line had five tapes and the 6 had 6. I wrote the number on each tape.
  2. Tape three plates at the end of the number lines. Write the corresponding number to the number line.
  3. Separate the deck of cards and only choose the numbers of the number line (4, 5 and 6).  If you’re working on larger numbers, use index cards or sticky notes and write the numbers on them so there’s several of each number.
Number line activity setup
Number line activity setup

How to Play!

I had my preschooler draw a card from the chosen cards (4, 5 or 6). He then matched the number on the card to the number line.

After finding the correct number line, he walked the card down the number line, counting each perpendicular line as he came across it and finally placing the card on the plate.

Walking the number line and counting

Six is a tough number for him. So we really worked on counting the lines as he walked along to reiterate the number.

Match the number on the card to the number line

He repeated walking down the number lines until he did four cards for each number.

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