PBS Parents Christmas Sensory Box

If there’s a bounty of anything in my house come mid-December, it’s cardboard boxes and packing peanuts from all of the online shopping deliveries arriving at our doorstep! When paired up with seasonal goodies like ornaments, bows and pinecones, those useful shipping supplies get a second life in this Christmas sensory box matching activity.

What You’ll Need

  • Cardboard Box
  • Packing Peanuts (or shredded paper, bubble wrap cut into pieces, tinsel)
  • Seasonal Items, in matching pairs (pinecones, candy canes, bows, sticks, ornaments, fake snow, etc)
PBS Parents Christmas Sensory Box

Getting Started

Fold in the flaps of the cardboard box and place all of your seasonal items in the bottom of the empty box. Pour in a layer of packing peanuts (or other filler) to cover generously, ensuring that none of the goodies on the bottom are visible to curious little eyes.

PBS Parents Christmas Sensory Box

How To Play

Have your child reach deep into the packing peanuts and gently feel around for one of the seasonal goodies to pull out and discover. Put that first one on the table, off to the side, and then have them go back into the sensory box to find the match! Keep going until all of the items have been removed and paired up. This sensory activity will turn into a bit of a classic Memory game soon enough too — oh where was that other candy cane!?

While your kiddo is digging for Christmastime treasure in the sensory box, ask them to describe the items they feel while they’re still buried in foam peanuts. Are they smooth, rough, pointy, cold, soft, hard, small, big? Ask them to remember those attributes when they go back looking for the matching item.

Happy Holidays!

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