Continent Hoppers geography game

For today’s Adventure in Learning we’re sending the kids on a trip around the world. Now, in order to embark on this continent hopping adventure, kids will need to use their keen powers of observation and fire up their imaginations.

This game is a great way to pass the time on snowy days. It gets kids moving and learning! Everyone’s happy.

What You’ll Need:

  • Pictures of landmarks, animals, etc. from each continent—Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australia. I grabbed images from around the web and printed them out on our home printer.
  • Travel Journal (optional) click here to print
  • To Create Travel Journal:

    I created a small printable travel journal for the kids. Print it out, fold along the dotted lines and cut along the solid one. Click here for a step-by-step photo tutorial.

    To simplify this activity—in case you’re short on time or ink in your printer—you can either have kids write down what they see on a piece of paper, or, you can incorporate some technology by having them snap pictures using a smart phone or digital camera. The camera might add an extra creative play touch.

    Continent Hoppers geography game teaches kids about the 7 continents
    kids can hop around the world without ever leaving their home in this geography game that teaches them about the 7 continents

    To Play:

    Group you pictures by continent and tape them up around the house. Add a small sign above the images to let your child know which continent they’re “now on.” You want the kids to have to move around, so consider placing groups of photos in different rooms or areas. This game is a mash up of hide-n-seek and I spy so a little running around the house is encouraged.

    For the images that are new for your child (e.g., landmarks, unusual trees and animals), include a label underneath. If you have time, you can also include a bit of trivia to go along with photos.

    continent hoppers geography game for kids

    Now, present the kids with their own travel journal (or camera). Tell them they’re taking a trip around the world to see each of the seven continents. Wish them Bon Voyage! But before they leave, make sure to have them write down, draw or capture what they see. You’ll want to hear all about their travels when they return.

    When they return, have them report back what they saw. Seven continents in one day and no jet lag? Now that’s an adventure.

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