valentine's day math match puzzlesAre you that parent who always answers the question “How are you?” with ┬áBusy.” ? I am. I keep devising new ways to make my life less busy but life keeps getting in the way. That is why I love activities like these DIY math puzzles for Valentine’s Day. They are fun, they use a upcoming holiday add novelty to the educational component, but best of all they are a snap for me to set up. Even if I didn’t create and teach others how to create learning activities for their kids this would take no more than two minutes to make.

What You Will Need

math puzzels


  • foam hearts (These are everywhere right now big box store, craft stores, and dollar stores. Grab them.)
  • a marker
  • scissors

How to Make It

math puzz
  • On the left side of the hearts write out simple equations.
  • On the right side write the sum or difference.
  • Cut in a zig zag pattern.
  • If you are using more than one color of heart make sure that you have at least two hearts in each color with different equations and answers. If not the kids can just match up the color. Using it as a hint is great but you want them to do the math!

How To Play

math puzzle
  • Lay the equations all out in a fun arrangement. I really believe that fun and inviting displays can make a difference between a child wanting to participate and turning their nose up and refusing.
  • Place the answers in a pile and let them match them up.

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About Allison McDonald

Allison McDonald

Allison McDonald is a former preschool teacher and director who started her popular early education blog No Time For Flash Cards as a way to keep one foot in her professional life while knee deep in motherhood. Learning should be fun and it's Allison's goal to help all parents be able to add a little fun and learning to their child's day. Allison lives in a yellow farmhouse outside of Seattle with her two kids and husband.

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