I love making sensory bags for the kids. They’re quick and easy to make, and the kids usually get a kick out of it. And they love the challenge of learning with them. I made one for my first grader that involved math problems and my preschooler jumped up immediately wanting one of his own. Obviously, he can’t do math problems yet, so I compromised and made a sticker matching sensory bag for him.

I spy the matching pair - a learning sensory bag

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 gallon freezer bags
  • shaving cream or other substance to squish around (such as hair gel or paint)
  • paper
  • stickers or a marker

How to Prepare:

  1. Fill one of the gallon freezer bags with the shaving cream. Squeeze out the air and seal it.
  2. Slip the filled bag into the extra freezer bag. (This acts as extra protection in case the first bag explodes, but also opens up the possibility for learning!)
  3. On the piece of paper, place stickers, write random letters, or numbers, or whatever you’d like your child to “spy.” For my preschooler, I used a set of matching stickers and put one of each on this piece of paper.
  4. On another piece of paper, make a legend. For my preschooler, I used the other half of the stickers as the legend for him to find in the sensory bag.
Sensory bag to spy the matching pair

I initially used hair gel to fill this sensory bag and realized it was clear enough for him to spy right through without any squishing involved. I added shaving cream to the mix which gave it a really cool effect, but it wasn’t intended at all. Shaving cream alone works perfect.

My preschooler squished his way around the sensory bag finding the stickers as he did.

Sensory bag to spy the matching pair

When he found one, he’d find the matching sticker on the legend and circle it to indicate that it was found.

Find the matching pair in the sensory bag

These kinds of sensory bags have so many possibilities. You can choose the skills your child will learn or what you put in the bag to squish around.In the past, we’ve had the kids spy for sight words, letters, numbers, and math problems. I have used other squishy stuff like rice and hair gel.

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