art appreciation game for kids Watching a great TV show can be a really positive experience especially when you couple it with a fun activity. Building on the new ideas and concepts presented on the program and bringing it to life for your kids doesn’t have to be hard. This art appreciation game is inspired by an upcoming Sesame Street special, The Cookie Thief. In the movie special, airing Monday, February 16th, a new museum opens on Sesame Street but trouble follows Cookie Monster after some paintings go missing. The movie uses the theme of art appreciation; ┬ámaking your own art is part of the solution in the movie and a great prompt for creativity, too.

What You Will Need

art game

  • a die
  • paper
  • pencils, markers, paint (or whatever your child wants to use)
  • images of famous paintings (It’s a plus if you know a little about the artists to share with your children as they play. I made a photo collage of the paintings I saved from online image searches and printed it.)
  • tape

How to Set Up The Activity

roll draw 2
  • Start by taping your paintings to the die.
  • Set out the paper and art supplies.
roll 55


roll paint 3
    • Roll the die. The painting the die lands on will be the inspiration for your child’s masterpiece. Encourage your child to make the painting their own; they aren’t supposed to be copying it stroke for stroke but let the masterpiece be an inspiration.
    • We used markers and kept rolling until our creative juices ran out.



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