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From our current president to Ruby Bridges, and from Charlie Parker to Maya Angelou, the contributions made by African Americans throughout the brief but tumultuous history of the United States have been immense. This February, play the Black History Month Matching Game to teach your kids about some amazing people and their remarkable accomplishments, all while having fun connecting dots through our shared timeline.

What You’ll Need

  • scissors
  • Black History Month Matching Game Activity Sheets (links below)
  • Online resources, optional (links below)
Black History Month Matching Game Faces

How to Play

Download and print the People, Accomplishments & Faces activity sheets for this Black History Month Matching Game.

Cut out the names and accomplishments as strips of paper, as well as the faces, and scramble them all together on a table. Ask your grade school age kids to first pair up the names with the faces. They might not get all 14 correct on the first try, but that’s OK (neither did my wife!).

Next, read (or have them read) each accomplishment one at a time and assign it to a name + face.

When your child expresses interest in learning more about the baseball legend, the singer, the sax player, the pilot, the president, the judge, the tennis player, the civil rights activists, and/or the poet — and they will! — start exploring online or at your local library to quickly discover even more about what they did/are doing and how they helped/are helping to change the world for the better.

Black History Month_PBS Parents Matching Game

Finally, take a peek at the answer key to see how close to perfect your child got with this Black History Month Matching Game!

Bonus Time

Give a listen to my all time favorite Charlie Parker tune, “Out of Nowhere,” and watch Lena Horne and Grover sing “How Do You Do?”, then head over to PBS Kids to play a similar African American Heroes matching game online!

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