This grammar game for kids helps them learn the difference between your/you're and its/it's among other commonly misused words

In a time when we’re all writing for public consumption more than ever before—hello social media!—kids may need extra help avoiding embarrassing grammatical mishaps. For today’s Adventure in Learning, that help comes in the form of a game.

This grammar game is super simple and great for kids dipping their toes in the grammar pool. It’s also fantastic for older kids who need a quick brush up. This game focuses on four sets of words-they’re/there/their, too/two/to, you’re/your and it’s/its, but feel free to add any additional ones you’d like. Go wild and throw in whose/who’s or affect/effect for good measure.

I created a printable, but you can just as easily make this game using index cards or similarly sized scraps of paper.

You’ll Need

    • Printable pdf
    • Paper or card stock
    • Scissors
    • Glue (optional)
    • 2 different colors of construction or scrapbooking paper (optional)
    grammar game for kids


      1. Print out the pdf. There are two sheets—one containing words, the other definitions.
      2. Cut out the cards.
      3. Optional: glue the word cards onto one color of construction paper and definitions onto another. This will make the game easier.
      grammar match game for kids

      To Play

      Lay the cards face down.

      Have kids turn over two cards. Is it a match? If so, have the kids pick them up. If not, turn the cards back over.

      Whoever collects the most matches is crowned the Greatest Grammarian. It comes with a sense of self-satisfaction and the adoration of one’s peers. Just don’t let it go to their heads.


      Slip these cards into a busy bag for restaurants, waits at the doctor’s office, etc.

      Bored with playing it memory-style? Turn it into a game of hide and seek. Hide the cards in a room of the house and have the kids find them.

      If the kids are having a tough time with any of words/definitions, tape them up where the kids will see them frequently: a bathroom mirror, refrigerator or around their room.

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