The blizzard conditions in the Northeast has inspired my kids and me to investigate ice, and more specifically, what makes it melt the fastest. We decided to create a simple science experiment. Does ice melt the fastest in water, salt water, or sugar water? Kitchen science like this doesn’t have to be complicated to spark your child’s curiosity and thirst for learning.

What You Will Need

ice kitchen science supplies

  • water
  • sugar
  • salt
  • jars ( identical is best)
  • spoons
  • a timer
  • something to record the results on like a chalkboard or paper
  • ice cubes

How to Set Up The Activity

ice sci
  • Pour the exact same amount of water into each jar.
  • Pop the salt in one, and sugar in the other. We used two tablespoons.
  • Make a prediction which of the solutions will melt ice fastest.



ice kitchen sceince storring
  • Drop the ice cube in the jars.
  • Set the timer and press go.
  • Stir – if you stir one you must stir them all. The only variable we changed is the water content.  We stirred them for a full minute.
  • After more than 9 minutes the first ice cube was completely dissolved. Record your results.
ice kitchen cs

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About Allison McDonald

Allison McDonald

Allison McDonald is a former preschool teacher and director who started her popular early education blog No Time For Flash Cards as a way to keep one foot in her professional life while knee deep in motherhood. Learning should be fun and it's Allison's goal to help all parents be able to add a little fun and learning to their child's day. Allison lives in a yellow farmhouse outside of Seattle with her two kids and husband.

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