My kids have been on a huge play dough kick lately and since we let our dough sit out afterwards, it was time for us to make a new batch. I thought this would also be a good time to explore mixing colors and shades while we play with our dough. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I decided to use red food coloring and heart-shaped cookie cutters.

Mixing colors with play dough


Prep Play by Making Play Dough:

There are many recipes for homemade play dough on the Internet. I, honestly, stick to what I know works and lasts. This play dough recipe is what we made when I was a kid. Simple, tried and true.

  1. Make two batches of your favorite homemade play dough recipe. Here are some other recipes to try: No Bake Play Dough and Rainbow Play Dough. To get a true red color, it turns out better if you use red gel food coloring.
  2. Split the batches into two and color one of them. We colored it red for Valentine’s Day. Leave the other white (or you could do two primary colors) to explore color shades.


Mixing colors with play dough setup

Explore Mixing Colors!

Simply hand over the two different colors of play dough with your favorite play dough tools (a rolling pin and cookie cutters work great) and let the kids explore. I had heart-shaped cookie cutters on hand, so my kids rolled out the play dough and cut out hearts. They first did this with the original colors, red and white.

Before mixing colors - play with each color of play dough first

Then my preschooler began exploring, mixing the two colors together to see what they’d make. He told me he already knew from preschool, it would make pink. Such a smart boy.

Then explore mixing the colors together to see what they make

Then it was time to make even more hearts, this time from pink play dough. A little marbled but beautiful.

Mixed colors of play dough
Play dough hearts after mixing colors for Valentine's Day

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